Thursday, October 16, 2008


When i was about 7 to 10 years old i never really like to take nap when i was free but now i like to do since i m getting older (THAT THE ONLY WAY FOR ME NOT TO THINK TOO MUCH) . This morning , i went to room e210 as early as 0845 but i saw no one there and then i headed to the library . e210 is a good discussion room at engineering block( however, i dont really like the room due to it stop me from doing something that i like to do at library .............) . This morning i managed to see someone i wanted to see and the someone (dont ask me who is the one ) still so cute , haha , but unluckily when i take a nap from 1000 am , i was awaken by Soon under the order of Su Chan at 1020am. I PURPOSELY SILENT MY PHONE SO THAT I CAN SLEEP WELL SINCE U ALL ARE NOT COMING THAT EARLY BUT STILL HOW COME SUDDENLY WAKE ME UP AND I DONT LIKE TO BE AWAKED AND THEN WE END UP DIDNT DO ANYTHING FOR THE PROJECT (anyway, not their fault COZ IT JUST TIMING PROBLEM >.<).


mEi said...

Oh..that 18 years old guy is really really kind hearted and so wei ta....kuching people really so kind and many of them willing to donate? Hehe...then u got take part in the donation? (i mean not doing the campaign job but the donation?)


no coz i m such a timid kid