Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Few Last days for 2008

2008 came to its end already and last nite W.C. organized a bbQ party at his house and there are many of our coursemates attended it.

This recently how i looked like at the Comcable the shop that i working now . I met many people there and even some of my ex classmates.

2008 is an interesting year full of stories and what i can conclude is " everyone has their own stories " however, i was so unlucky to live in the stories that without a great happiness , anyway , new year new hope

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Working days

I started to get use to the boring hours at the com shop there but luckily few of my friends there really like to make jokes. As usual , i will see atlease one of my friend passing by the com shop and also there are some friends came to visit me directly and also indirectly (thankz to u guys and gals). In addition , now i also started to transfer some of my favourite songs to the com at the com shop there secretly , so that i can enjoy some of my favourite songs there haha =)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1st off day

My off day of a week is tuesday every week and yesterday , there are two more friends came to work and they are Liang and Max . Today, i went to find Iris to cut my hair (haha, cut the top of the ears part only) . In addition , i also watched the movie named cape no 7 since at Taiwan there that is a popular movie. The story is quite boring infact but succeed to touch the viewers' heart . It is a story about the 7 love letters by a japanese guy that should be delievered to a taiwan girl 60 years ago after the world war 2.................. (in the end hero and also heroine of the movie should have a happy ending but for previous couple is nope due to the late sending of the letters)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is near

Two days ago got a batch of guys and gals from dont noe which church came to saberkas for Christmas carol and they really hard working because they sang twice in a floor and then gave cookies to all the shops and also the stalls around

The picture was taken from where i work now

Today on the way home i saw a lonely kitten but dont dare to take it home due to i scare the parents cat cant find the kitten

Friday, December 5, 2008

3rd days

At last got a chinese customer came to buy a pendrive from me . Honestly speaking chinese customers money really hard to earn , they can crap wif u for long and then end up dont buy anything . i cant believe even today pc fair still got customers came to saberkas to buy pc components from the shop haiz (who care as long as i have commisions =)

second day of working

The time passed quit fast yesterday and cant believe got a malay woman came with her family and then ask me about a labtop and also bought it from me (totally shocked). Moreover, i also help them to sell off few printers and pendrive. (harshly speaking today already pc fair how come they dont want to survey at there ????) Anyway , 98% of the customers that i served are Malay and now i started to feel that rich Malay people really rich and kuching people are getting richer. i started to feel boring there but atlease it is better than staying at home doing nothing =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1st day and 1st time

Today is the 1st day and also 1st time i go to work in my life time. I am now working at the pc image branch at the third floor of saberkas. So far i have two option at there either standing or sitting at there to wait for customers. It maybe sounds boring but i feel it is better than staying at home and wait for time. haha =)