Monday, June 1, 2009

Regarding the song 《如果我變成回憶》

The direct translation of the name of this song is "if i become memory" . Many friends will think that become memory is a good things (off course it will become something good if you are meaningful to someone but for me i rather label someone that think is so cool as Legend ^^), however, for this song actually it means death. What is so special about this song for me is the writer of the song can assure that he will become the memory of his beloved one and i believe nowadays the trend is u died then u gone forever (anyway, there is a real story behind the song and the singer almost die due to heart disease but luckily he didnt) . " 如果我變成回憶 退出了這場生命留下妳錯愕哭泣 我冰冷身體 擁抱不了妳" this line of lyrics is quite sad because the writer sang that if he died , he cant even hug his beloved one while his beloved one is crying upon his icy dead body (will be quite touching like what we always watch for Drama). " 漫長時光總有一天妳會傷心痊癒 若有人可以 讓他陪妳 我不怪妳 " this line of lyrics show how generous the writer is in hopping one day his beloved one will have another one that can take care of her one behalf of the writer after the writer passed away. Lastly, "連累依然愛我的妳痛苦承受失去 這樣不公平 請妳盡力 把我忘記" the writer hope that his beloved one can forget him. In conclusion, time maybe the best cure for everything but with the condition people have enough amount of time (sometime even after someone feel that he or she is cured but actually............... especially for feeling matter )