Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sibu and Sibu and Sibu .......................

A gift for her and there is secret inside, haha

More trips to go with Mas Wing


New Mission from SWB

Part of my baby project, i like the modeling

Around San yan area , CM also on trip this time, how i wish i can be with her all the time and looking forward for her to be back

Friday, May 25, 2012




Monday, May 21, 2012


W25 @ Sibu

 Wake up during 5am and arrived at airport during 615am and this may continue on for atlease(>) once a month for 3 years continuosly ??? 

Sibu Kampua ^^
W25 is my 1st baby according to Ir. Sim

1 month old
Site Clearing during 1 month old

Site Office for W25 supervision team
I personally believe i can witness the monthly progress of Sibu Airport renovation throughout the year

Luckily everything for the 1st supervision team meeting which i was running  is considered quite smooth and i learnt few things from the supervision team in return. However, i was stunned by another project (receiving call before the flight depart and i seriously shouldn't call back when i reached Kuching but somehow too late as i call back to SALCRA representative due to my curiousity and also hoping that project will be at KIV stage and yet it didnt , haiz ) which maybe reach the stage of tender very soon while, W25 just on the starting stage of the construction. 2 to 3 projects on hand from design until tender and then supervision, i guess no one gonna understand what i feel now and the worst part is i need to pretend cool and calm while i seriously not for now (still learning and as if calm can be learned ???) and yet i have no one to share the feeling of loneliness while waiting someone to be my soul mate (loneliness and the feeling of love to a girl for me never mix up ). I believe anyone out there might be replying in "who care ???" in their minds when they read this. Sigh



我不該再牽掛留戀 有妳的星空碎片
把記憶默默銷毀 好讓妳空出視線 去探望新的藍天

我不會再反覆催眠 這玩笑暗藏機會
若勇敢給出再見 也算種另類完美 我願意醒著告別

在沒有妳的世界 再痛也忍住心碎
我躲入冰冷深淵 卻逃出更多熱淚
在沒有妳的世界 等絕望累垮雙眼
就能看開 牢記的畫面 在沒有妳的世界

我決定把心動收斂 讓感覺緩緩撤退
我想我不夠正確 怎填滿妳的空缺 妳值得擁抱絕對

在沒有妳的世界 再痛也忍住心碎
我躲入冰冷深淵 卻逃出更多熱淚
在沒有妳的世界 等絕望累垮雙眼
就能看開 牢記的畫面 在沒有妳的世界 卻被妳影子包圍

在沒有妳的世界 再痛也忍住心碎
我躲入冰冷深淵 卻逃出更多熱淚
在沒有妳的世界 等絕望累垮雙眼
就能看開 牢記的畫面

在沒有妳的世界 再傷也不准崩潰
封鎖妳天真笑臉 別挑起神經斷裂
在沒有妳的世界 我洞見一絲安慰
預感妳 將幸福體驗 在沒有我的世界

Saturday, May 19, 2012


 Wahba 22 (Rebranding)

Company's Logo until May 2012

Company's Logo starting from May 2012

Rebranding ? New Milestone ? (i seriously hope there will be more like 33..................)

My 1st Supervision Project : W25 which located @ Sibu (the above photo just for illustration only as that is not my project site =P)

C 36 : A project that may change everyone life @ Kuching and also the project that may last for 6 years ? and may accompany me to improve and excel aswell as "grow old" in engineering field (offcourse i hope this will  not the only mega project which i am involving and i still hope there will be "someone" that accompany me throughout all of these starting from this year )

Sunday, May 6, 2012

KL ~ Sibu ~ Kch ~ Sibu

My ongoing life ???
KL (Meeting Life)

Cititel @ Midvalley (Personally think this room is too small , haha)
KL City View (I m still wondering is there any flat land at town ?)

A gift for her but it seems is quite impossible for me to give to her now ( however, i still hope that i can give her personally which atleast as a gift from friend and i defenitely hope the infinity day she meant is not infinity)

Sun Rise

Another view beside lift

Sibu (My design life and supervision life headstart)
KIA (i think i can take the photoes of same structure for many times in this future 2 years)

A part of my design soon (Second Phase)
I personally like this statue
Wisma Sanyan (a place where i gonna hang out often in future)
Normal Steel Truss without major triangle members
Wings of Love but where is my love?
i guess this gonna be my life in future 2 to 3 years but it seems i have no choice as this is the progress to become a real Professional Engineer.