Friday, February 27, 2009

Toner or Printer ?

23 of Feb is the last day of work of me at Pc image for this holiday and cant believe the day after that i was informed with a news of " below cost " . In other words, i was suspected sold something with below price of 0.2K. Luckily , there are a group of friends there who believe i will never make this kind of mistake due to i m the one who help them to handle printers for the last two months. Anyway, thank to Doreen who helped me to handle the prob. In detail , there was someone mistake to think the toner is a printer.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


It has been sometime i didnt post up anything here and recently i feel that actually i can mix quite well with the staffs there and i also realise it is almost time for me to go back to uni already. I do learn a lot of computer knowledge there and more suprisingly about life (really thank to them). There are some stories about some of the staff there and they are normal like all of us just some of them are little bit unlucky and dont have chance to study after form 1 and living a hard life last time ( i suspecting whether the story is truth or not but however for those permanent staff that same age as me i really feel sorry for them because that is impossible for them to spend the rest of their life there) In addition, i just realise some of the parents customers that came to the shop really too kind to their children and when they asked for discount i feel kinda so weird if i didnt give them discount but some situation really dont allow and i really cant do anything . Anyway, i hope that this two last weeks will be become my good memories of my life