Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another two cute photoes

This is my friend's friend's dog named Oscar if i m not mistaken and when i last saw him about three months ago , he was still a baby but now when my friend took his photoes he already became like this

The eyes so big and cute XP

Oscar looked so lonely and pity

Monday, September 29, 2008

Regarding the song《该是你的》

This is an old song by Ocean Ou . I personally think this song very meaningful due to its lyrics which is also my question to all my friends since long time ago . " 说穿了每段爱都值得依依不舍
可惜呀谁能说对那应该是你的 " which i feel most meaningful because we never know when is our true love and there is no one to judge and confirm for you that is your true love. haha XP




















Friday, September 26, 2008

This two pics quite special

Dont dare not to bring phone

I didnt bring my phone to uni yesterday due to me and friends need to do the lab testing for those soil and clay that we brought back from the site investigation few days ago. It was quite troublesome without mobile phone around because i cant get the latest news from other members for a group project discussion and i was left out by them . Two nites ago , there were still two people reminded me to go but in the morning of the day they changed their plan by sms in the 730 am and that time i already on the way to uni so .............. Anyway, i do learn the moment distribution method at there by refering to Mr Wong . When i reached home , i found out there are many sms that they send to me and even my secondary phone got few msg which sounds totally funny , some1 accused me for not answering and also off my primary phone . haha XP , dont dare not to bring phone again.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Almost Fainted =.="""""

Today, me and few friends and also another team members went to do Site Investigation and i almost fainted at the site there due to the hot wheather there. I started the day with only eating a piece of tuna sandwich and a glass of soya beam and i never realise that was not enough until i reached the site. The soil there is quite hard to drill and dig and all of the students had a hard time to really dig it. Unfortunately, in the half prosess , i already almost fainted and i even vomited at the site there and luckily there are bushes area . That few interesting asked by my friend "How come u looked so pale u met a vampire izzit ?" "Next time how u become civil engineer since u cant even stand under the sun ? ". Actually my answer for the 1st question is vampire wont turn up under the sun , my friend. In addition, my answer for the second question is i dont plan to really stand under the sun when i really turn up to be engineer next time , comeon , what era already ?

(That what we used )

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday when i was waiting for my father car after the CIC class i noticed some interesting event happened and it is quite related to Jay Chou old song. There was someone i noticed starting from last sem also waited at there with the someone friend and the wind blow during that time was quite strong so the someone also waited inside the new lobby there (i should .........). The intersting part happened when my father arrived and during the journey home there radio station played the song 《晴天》but what the weather during that time was totally different story. When reached home i started to sleep from 730pm to 130am and continue again till 530am ( What a long period right ?) and at this morning i listen to the song 《晴天》again and i notice the song has one line of lyrics that quite related to the someone name although i only know the someone english name but not sure about the chinese name but the english name(Chinese Pin yin-a guide to the writing of Mandarin Chinese in romanization) really quite close with it . Anyway, i saw the someone again this morning at library hehe XP (If possible all friends around try to guess the someone name with the pink colour line lyrics because i also interested to know about it )





rui sou sou xi dou xi lasou la

xi xi xi xi la xi la sou

















但偏偏 风渐渐把距离吹得好远



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Since when i started to have short term memory lost

Today , i went to the VAD 1st meeting at SUTS with a friend of mine. There are many activities suggested by them and it sounds quite interesting for me . Anyway , today they have blood donation activitiy .

(haha , that was me during 2005 XP)

Anyway , is time for me to write about the real problem that i am having now and this also started to happen to me since last year. When i reached home from uni , i will take a nap during the time from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. This may sounds a normal sleep only but if i tell all my friends that i have short term memory lost for about 20 seconds daily when i wake up from that particular sleep , what will u all think ? My real problem is when i wake up i will forgot what day is today and also what am i busying recently and i always need about 10 seconds to 20 seconds to remember back what happened to me recently (It sounds stupid right ?). Today, when i wanted to sleep i told myself not to forget what am i doing today and the weird part is i really had a dream about that and i dreamt of i dont have that short term memory lost problem today but that was only a dream . As usual that short term memory lost happened to me again and i started to wondering what will i be if continue like this . Anyway, PLEASE REMIND ME WHEN I STARTED TO FORGET ANYTHING >.<

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Carpenter street Lantern Festival ( Harmony Arch)

Yesterday, i went to Harmony Arch there with two of my brothers. I encountered something weird there. There was a young kid who is so young until dont even know his own name lost at there and luckily there were two girls almost same age as me were so kind and they tried many ways to find the kid's parents. At last , the kid's father appeared and all those there were so surprised because the father seems to be so calm and the two girls seems to be worry about the kid will be kidnaped by unknown. Anyway , just hope the kid father is the real one because there is nothing much they can do for the kid due to the kid is too young and yet his parents are so careless. In addition, i bumped into Wee Mee (my ex-classmate who studying medic at Unimas) at there but she seems cant recognise me so i didnt dare to greet her XP

(so many lanterns there , and there is a game for guessing organised by CHMS no4 )

( i saw these chipmunks there and they are so cute XP )

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maybe i should believe it since long time ago

I am quite sure those friends around who read a lot of email will ever received those kind of email especially with the ending "Please forward this and if not u will be lonely forever". Honestly speaking, i used to have a thinking of ending those email when it reached to me by not forwarding it out to my friends and nowadays , i started to regret for not forwarding it out. All friends around may think i am superstitious but i think those who forwarded and forwarding this and that to me and friends around are more superstitious but i never blame on those friends because who will willing to risk their own happiness with this and this maybe a real curse and who noe ? In conclusion, since i choosed not to forward this type of email and it seems it works well on me naturally (in addition, i also need to admit i am bad looking after being stepped badly by someone who still deny it ) and i really pay back for what i did with the feeling of loneliness and i am not sure how long it will continue ? FOR THOSE WHO SELDOM OR ALWAYS RECEIVED THIS KIND OF EMAIL , PLEASE DONT BE HESISTATE TO FORWARD IT OUT, IF U DONT WANT TO END UP LIKE SOMEONE HERE

I tried this after i saw few of my friends always do this with mirrow >.<

Saturday, September 6, 2008

ok , i really need to admit liao !!!

Gosh , what a day today this morning i woke up early and then in the afternoon i went to take a nap and i really had an "afternoonmare" today i dreamt of a gal that i knew cried badly and it seems i did something wrong to her , i was shocked to wake up. Afterall , i really feel bad to that dream due to that is totally impossible i did something wrong that hurt her plus i dont think she will cry due to me one !

That was the 1st part only for the dream because today i was indirectly stepped badly by a friend regarding issue on relationship. He asked me a great question "R u ready to be a good bf for gal ? ". Actually, i really dont know how to answer his question due to i think there is no right for a guy that being rejected twice to answer "yes , i m ready" because for sure my friend will say me lunatic. In addition , he also take my 1st rejection as the great example to step me , he said i shouldnt try any attempt to court the girl that i dont noe . In fact , i need to admit i dont know the girl well but actually i only gave her a present during her birthday and all those friends around already said i wanted to tackle her and the honestly speaking i only started to really had a little bit of feeling on the girl after many rumoured about me ( infact their rumour is saying about me not qualify for that girl ). Since that time i started to believe some rumour will become truth when too many people spread it. Anyway ,i failed. My friend said the main reason why i failed is due to my look and i really need to admit that because what he said is truth but the question he forwarded to me i feel got little bit of unfair to me because i was not given a chance to be at all . Moreover, i think his main concern is stepping me on my look instead of how i failed to court the gal , in addition my hair now also being critizied by him and few friends . Afterall, i admit i m not good looking and my hair is bad looking but i think i still have the right to ask them a question back " DO my looks and my hair bring harm to u all ? "

Site Visiting to recreational park at Wisma Bapa Malaysia

Yesterday , LInda (hey friends, dont think i m rude to my lecturer because there is a story behind we need to call her name like that ) led a group of student to the recreational park at Wisma Bapa Malaysia for site visiting purpose for the subject named Urban Water Resources

To proove i really visited there XP

haha, u guys communicated quite well with Linda especially u, Wee Chung so good to LInda . Anyway , thank for your CX 7 ride =)

Told u all already yesterday was a windy sunny day

Monday, September 1, 2008

Regarding the song 《青苔》

This song actually already being born for about few months for the chinse version and it was sang by James from Thailand and the chinese lyrics was filled by Rynn Lin. The song named 《青苔》means moss and as we know moss is a small plant that living with the very simple and yet bad conditions. The song was originated from Thai version and now sing into three different version by the same singer. I personally believe that this song really suit for guy that being rejected by the girl he love. There are few lines of lyrics that touched listeners heart such as ''只為了等待而存在'' means living or exist just because wanted to wait for something. In addition, " 愛妳的青苔 花怎麼開 沒資格覆蓋 妳的心海 活在陰霾 我又不是禍害 只不過是深深著妳的人" which means the guy dont have the right to know what the girl feel and he can only live in the blur world of mist and it seems he is blamed to bring bad to the girl but actually he just a person that love the girl very much. Afterall, a song for sad songs collection .




渴望被理睬 低等的姿態


我不算太壞 卻被拒在門外

潮濕的地帶 妳讓我離不

愛妳的青苔 花怎麼開

沒資格覆蓋 妳的心海

活在陰霾 我又不是禍害


等妳 來愛

妳的笑像一台露台 雨把我灌溉


我那面對失敗的能耐 繁殖得太快



This morning i woke up early and i found something weird at the back of my home and it happened when my mother woke up and she saw something so she asked me to take a look on it. Omg , i saw a kitten at the back of my home !!! (comeon friends, i m not that stupid lal to be shocked by a kitten . However, the kitten really special because the kitten is small in size but the kitten has a pair of big ears ) I missed the chance to take photoes of it. Sigh

(This few days , sometime i feel my hair is thick but sometime is not thick at all , M i going to be crazy soon ? XP)