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《All about Rynn新歌+自选集》

All the pictures are taken from the Rynn Fans' Facebook group

Sunday, September 27, 2009

海云台 (Haeundae)

A natural disaster (Tsunami) Korean movie

Few touched points

1. A mother gave up the chance to go vacation place (a safer and higher place during tsunami attack) due to wanted to buy a pair shoes (as the basic requirement for job interview) for his son who is a jobless guy.

2. A lifeguard sacrificed himself to save his enemy in love

Monday, August 3, 2009

One week b4

Started to feel pressure and fear for what will happened in the incoming sem , dont noe what most of them will do again tis sem . haha =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

TRuth ?

A month passed and i also stop working for pc image. Result out but some people around still wanted to hide the result ( for what i also dont noe ). Afterall, everyone should deserved what they should get. Too bad i lost about RM200 due to all duty staff need to responsible for the stolen camera that worth RM 3500 ++ No One noe the truth behind but if possible i want to noe so that i wont lost the RM200

Monday, June 1, 2009

Regarding the song 《如果我變成回憶》

The direct translation of the name of this song is "if i become memory" . Many friends will think that become memory is a good things (off course it will become something good if you are meaningful to someone but for me i rather label someone that think is so cool as Legend ^^), however, for this song actually it means death. What is so special about this song for me is the writer of the song can assure that he will become the memory of his beloved one and i believe nowadays the trend is u died then u gone forever (anyway, there is a real story behind the song and the singer almost die due to heart disease but luckily he didnt) . " 如果我變成回憶 退出了這場生命留下妳錯愕哭泣 我冰冷身體 擁抱不了妳" this line of lyrics is quite sad because the writer sang that if he died , he cant even hug his beloved one while his beloved one is crying upon his icy dead body (will be quite touching like what we always watch for Drama). " 漫長時光總有一天妳會傷心痊癒 若有人可以 讓他陪妳 我不怪妳 " this line of lyrics show how generous the writer is in hopping one day his beloved one will have another one that can take care of her one behalf of the writer after the writer passed away. Lastly, "連累依然愛我的妳痛苦承受失去 這樣不公平 請妳盡力 把我忘記" the writer hope that his beloved one can forget him. In conclusion, time maybe the best cure for everything but with the condition people have enough amount of time (sometime even after someone feel that he or she is cured but actually............... especially for feeling matter )

Saturday, May 30, 2009


累了 照慣例努力清醒著 也照慣例想妳了
好怕一放心睡了 心跳在夢中不聽話的 就停止了
聽著 呼吸像浪潮拍動著 越美麗越讓我忐忑
我還能珍惜什麼 如果我連自己的脈搏 都難掌握
如果我變成回憶 退出了這場生命留下妳錯愕哭泣 我冰冷身體 擁抱不了妳
想到我讓深愛的妳人海孤獨旅行我會恨自己 如此狠心
如果我變成回憶 終於沒那麼幸運沒機會白著頭髮 蹣跚牽著妳 看晚霞落盡
若有人可以 讓他陪妳 我不怪妳
快樂 什麼時候會結束呢
想把妳緊緊抱著 可知妳是我生命中的 最捨不得
如果我變成回憶 退出了這場生命留下妳錯愕哭泣 我冰冷身體 擁抱不了妳
想到我讓深愛的妳人海孤獨旅行我會恨自己 如此狠心
如果我變成回憶 終於沒那麼幸運
沒機會白著頭髮 蹣跚牽著妳 看晚霞落盡
若有人可以 讓他陪妳
如果我變成回憶 最怕我太不爭氣頑固地賴在空氣 霸佔妳心裡 每一吋縫隙
這樣不公平 請妳盡力 把我忘記

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


(Rainbow and i know i dont have much chance to see at the current location again T.T )

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Appointment ???

Appoinment ( the "word" suggested by Clarence as the reason to late for the class) or Lunch at Mc Donald ???

(Luckily the picture was taken from my back and Tak was busying for second round , anyway , i m not childish right )

(Obviously no much customers before 12 , haha )

What happened recently ?

Rainbow (double if u can notice carefully =) two days ago

HUge bears (photo taken outside the shop after haircutting at nearby)

WC birthday yesterday (sorry kinda blur due to must take caution before the "tradition" passed on )

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Memory ?

Almost a month being busy for non stop assignment and started to feel the changes of the life especially those hours need to stay at the uni library and got a feeling of the my life being snatched by assingments. Anyway, off course i still remember what i did for u last time but i hardly feel how to response for u now when u asked the question. Sorry

Sunday, April 5, 2009

PC fair

I went to PC fair this time with Clarence and basically this time the pc fair is almost the same like the previous one and i didnt buy anything at all because i can get any accesorries with the cheaper price anytime.

Aspire G Predator ???

Comcable and supply is the 1st shop that i worked before i was officially transferred down to the the main branch of PC image.
Afterall , in my opinion the only thing that this PC fair is different from the previous one is i met and greeted many of my ex-colleague from PC image there and luckily they still remember me (>.<) . In addition , i also saw someone there ..................

Monday, March 23, 2009



傻在为妳 卖完了讨好的把气
研习更动人语气 然後换来悔气
傻在为妳 任情绪堕落未逃避
难道世上唯有妳 才令地球更美
*如果世上没傻瓜 谈恋爱像会谈吧
算得太循环可拥抱吗 如何估计回报多寡
如谈恋爱为着成家 若代价太高昂就变心吗
恕我在燃烧中结巴 纯因信奉我任性的火花
傻在为妳 没投机玩捉摸心理
明日我未赢到妳 仍像别人叹气
傻在为妳 像孩子不懂得对比
宁原拒绝忘记妳 和自在来斗气
爱叫我放低智商 谁人又有福未问价先付帐
傻人自有傻乐 未为了中奖
如果世上没傻瓜 谈恋爱像会谈吧
算得太循环可拥抱吗 如何估计回报多寡
从来不介意做傻瓜 莫论有可能为瞬间绝美像昙火
如果爱是难买别买的壁画 算了吧

Friday, February 27, 2009

Toner or Printer ?

23 of Feb is the last day of work of me at Pc image for this holiday and cant believe the day after that i was informed with a news of " below cost " . In other words, i was suspected sold something with below price of 0.2K. Luckily , there are a group of friends there who believe i will never make this kind of mistake due to i m the one who help them to handle printers for the last two months. Anyway, thank to Doreen who helped me to handle the prob. In detail , there was someone mistake to think the toner is a printer.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


It has been sometime i didnt post up anything here and recently i feel that actually i can mix quite well with the staffs there and i also realise it is almost time for me to go back to uni already. I do learn a lot of computer knowledge there and more suprisingly about life (really thank to them). There are some stories about some of the staff there and they are normal like all of us just some of them are little bit unlucky and dont have chance to study after form 1 and living a hard life last time ( i suspecting whether the story is truth or not but however for those permanent staff that same age as me i really feel sorry for them because that is impossible for them to spend the rest of their life there) In addition, i just realise some of the parents customers that came to the shop really too kind to their children and when they asked for discount i feel kinda so weird if i didnt give them discount but some situation really dont allow and i really cant do anything . Anyway, i hope that this two last weeks will be become my good memories of my life

Wednesday, January 28, 2009











































Chinese " Niu " Year

My CNy this year is kinda funny because i didnt go for much visiting this year. In addition , today is the last day for my cny holiday because i will start to work again tomorrow. In conclusion, this cny is somehow looked like holidays instead of cny

Friday, January 16, 2009


The result of last sem published and i didnt do well but i also didnt need to repeat anything . It seems this is another starting of not a very good year because it seems all friends around are having crisis of all kind and i also cant deny i got the feeling of stupid with my current stand. However , once again i confirm the real of friend and also friends since the energy and motion case that happened about two years ago. As conclusion, a problem will never belong to a group because afterall it still belong to a person only.

It is tough but important to find someone that worth for u to believe and also believe u

Friday, January 9, 2009

Meaning ???

Recently, i started to wonder the importance of meaning for everything we do and also everything others do onto us. Harshly speaking , i think i am the best example of living without meaning for all and sometime i also wondering is that really importance for a person to live with meaning ?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

busy days

Since last saturday , me and Brendan were officially transfered down to the PC image main branch and at there working period really passed quite fast. In addition, business and people at there also more than at Comcable. Honestly speaking now i can feel what they called "busy working life" . The main advantage and also the disadvantage at there is there are too many customers there and sometime will have chance to take a glance on pretty gals (haha :) What i can conclude is this is the starting of the busy life before i go back to Swinburne .....................