Saturday, September 6, 2008

ok , i really need to admit liao !!!

Gosh , what a day today this morning i woke up early and then in the afternoon i went to take a nap and i really had an "afternoonmare" today i dreamt of a gal that i knew cried badly and it seems i did something wrong to her , i was shocked to wake up. Afterall , i really feel bad to that dream due to that is totally impossible i did something wrong that hurt her plus i dont think she will cry due to me one !

That was the 1st part only for the dream because today i was indirectly stepped badly by a friend regarding issue on relationship. He asked me a great question "R u ready to be a good bf for gal ? ". Actually, i really dont know how to answer his question due to i think there is no right for a guy that being rejected twice to answer "yes , i m ready" because for sure my friend will say me lunatic. In addition , he also take my 1st rejection as the great example to step me , he said i shouldnt try any attempt to court the girl that i dont noe . In fact , i need to admit i dont know the girl well but actually i only gave her a present during her birthday and all those friends around already said i wanted to tackle her and the honestly speaking i only started to really had a little bit of feeling on the girl after many rumoured about me ( infact their rumour is saying about me not qualify for that girl ). Since that time i started to believe some rumour will become truth when too many people spread it. Anyway ,i failed. My friend said the main reason why i failed is due to my look and i really need to admit that because what he said is truth but the question he forwarded to me i feel got little bit of unfair to me because i was not given a chance to be at all . Moreover, i think his main concern is stepping me on my look instead of how i failed to court the gal , in addition my hair now also being critizied by him and few friends . Afterall, i admit i m not good looking and my hair is bad looking but i think i still have the right to ask them a question back " DO my looks and my hair bring harm to u all ? "


Anonymous said...

Dont misunderstand i never stab you because of your look. What I want is dont always think tat your opinion on something must correct.

Anonymous said...

Dont misunderstand. I never stab you because of your look. What I stab your is because of your thinking towards relationship.


Clarence , leave your name lal dont use the anonymous only and you are not stabbing but you are stepping