Saturday, September 13, 2008

Carpenter street Lantern Festival ( Harmony Arch)

Yesterday, i went to Harmony Arch there with two of my brothers. I encountered something weird there. There was a young kid who is so young until dont even know his own name lost at there and luckily there were two girls almost same age as me were so kind and they tried many ways to find the kid's parents. At last , the kid's father appeared and all those there were so surprised because the father seems to be so calm and the two girls seems to be worry about the kid will be kidnaped by unknown. Anyway , just hope the kid father is the real one because there is nothing much they can do for the kid due to the kid is too young and yet his parents are so careless. In addition, i bumped into Wee Mee (my ex-classmate who studying medic at Unimas) at there but she seems cant recognise me so i didnt dare to greet her XP

(so many lanterns there , and there is a game for guessing organised by CHMS no4 )

( i saw these chipmunks there and they are so cute XP )

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