Monday, September 22, 2008

Almost Fainted =.="""""

Today, me and few friends and also another team members went to do Site Investigation and i almost fainted at the site there due to the hot wheather there. I started the day with only eating a piece of tuna sandwich and a glass of soya beam and i never realise that was not enough until i reached the site. The soil there is quite hard to drill and dig and all of the students had a hard time to really dig it. Unfortunately, in the half prosess , i already almost fainted and i even vomited at the site there and luckily there are bushes area . That few interesting asked by my friend "How come u looked so pale u met a vampire izzit ?" "Next time how u become civil engineer since u cant even stand under the sun ? ". Actually my answer for the 1st question is vampire wont turn up under the sun , my friend. In addition, my answer for the second question is i dont plan to really stand under the sun when i really turn up to be engineer next time , comeon , what era already ?

(That what we used )

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