Monday, September 1, 2008

Regarding the song 《青苔》

This song actually already being born for about few months for the chinse version and it was sang by James from Thailand and the chinese lyrics was filled by Rynn Lin. The song named 《青苔》means moss and as we know moss is a small plant that living with the very simple and yet bad conditions. The song was originated from Thai version and now sing into three different version by the same singer. I personally believe that this song really suit for guy that being rejected by the girl he love. There are few lines of lyrics that touched listeners heart such as ''只為了等待而存在'' means living or exist just because wanted to wait for something. In addition, " 愛妳的青苔 花怎麼開 沒資格覆蓋 妳的心海 活在陰霾 我又不是禍害 只不過是深深著妳的人" which means the guy dont have the right to know what the girl feel and he can only live in the blur world of mist and it seems he is blamed to bring bad to the girl but actually he just a person that love the girl very much. Afterall, a song for sad songs collection .

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