Friday, September 26, 2008

Dont dare not to bring phone

I didnt bring my phone to uni yesterday due to me and friends need to do the lab testing for those soil and clay that we brought back from the site investigation few days ago. It was quite troublesome without mobile phone around because i cant get the latest news from other members for a group project discussion and i was left out by them . Two nites ago , there were still two people reminded me to go but in the morning of the day they changed their plan by sms in the 730 am and that time i already on the way to uni so .............. Anyway, i do learn the moment distribution method at there by refering to Mr Wong . When i reached home , i found out there are many sms that they send to me and even my secondary phone got few msg which sounds totally funny , some1 accused me for not answering and also off my primary phone . haha XP , dont dare not to bring phone again.

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