Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maybe i should believe it since long time ago

I am quite sure those friends around who read a lot of email will ever received those kind of email especially with the ending "Please forward this and if not u will be lonely forever". Honestly speaking, i used to have a thinking of ending those email when it reached to me by not forwarding it out to my friends and nowadays , i started to regret for not forwarding it out. All friends around may think i am superstitious but i think those who forwarded and forwarding this and that to me and friends around are more superstitious but i never blame on those friends because who will willing to risk their own happiness with this and this maybe a real curse and who noe ? In conclusion, since i choosed not to forward this type of email and it seems it works well on me naturally (in addition, i also need to admit i am bad looking after being stepped badly by someone who still deny it ) and i really pay back for what i did with the feeling of loneliness and i am not sure how long it will continue ? FOR THOSE WHO SELDOM OR ALWAYS RECEIVED THIS KIND OF EMAIL , PLEASE DONT BE HESISTATE TO FORWARD IT OUT, IF U DONT WANT TO END UP LIKE SOMEONE HERE

I tried this after i saw few of my friends always do this with mirrow >.<

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