Sunday, May 6, 2012

KL ~ Sibu ~ Kch ~ Sibu

My ongoing life ???
KL (Meeting Life)

Cititel @ Midvalley (Personally think this room is too small , haha)
KL City View (I m still wondering is there any flat land at town ?)

A gift for her but it seems is quite impossible for me to give to her now ( however, i still hope that i can give her personally which atleast as a gift from friend and i defenitely hope the infinity day she meant is not infinity)

Sun Rise

Another view beside lift

Sibu (My design life and supervision life headstart)
KIA (i think i can take the photoes of same structure for many times in this future 2 years)

A part of my design soon (Second Phase)
I personally like this statue
Wisma Sanyan (a place where i gonna hang out often in future)
Normal Steel Truss without major triangle members
Wings of Love but where is my love?
i guess this gonna be my life in future 2 to 3 years but it seems i have no choice as this is the progress to become a real Professional Engineer.

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