Monday, May 21, 2012


W25 @ Sibu

 Wake up during 5am and arrived at airport during 615am and this may continue on for atlease(>) once a month for 3 years continuosly ??? 

Sibu Kampua ^^
W25 is my 1st baby according to Ir. Sim

1 month old
Site Clearing during 1 month old

Site Office for W25 supervision team
I personally believe i can witness the monthly progress of Sibu Airport renovation throughout the year

Luckily everything for the 1st supervision team meeting which i was running  is considered quite smooth and i learnt few things from the supervision team in return. However, i was stunned by another project (receiving call before the flight depart and i seriously shouldn't call back when i reached Kuching but somehow too late as i call back to SALCRA representative due to my curiousity and also hoping that project will be at KIV stage and yet it didnt , haiz ) which maybe reach the stage of tender very soon while, W25 just on the starting stage of the construction. 2 to 3 projects on hand from design until tender and then supervision, i guess no one gonna understand what i feel now and the worst part is i need to pretend cool and calm while i seriously not for now (still learning and as if calm can be learned ???) and yet i have no one to share the feeling of loneliness while waiting someone to be my soul mate (loneliness and the feeling of love to a girl for me never mix up ). I believe anyone out there might be replying in "who care ???" in their minds when they read this. Sigh

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