Sunday, October 19, 2008

Organ &Tissue Donor and blood donation campaign

It has been three years passed since my last participation to Red Cresent Activities and starting from now i will participate those available activities with the new identity which is the member of VAD stampin chapter (haha , last time i was under kuching chapter youth section).

Kch people really hardworking and kind hearted . " They are full of blood "

They even came with family to donate blood

THis is what caught my attention "organ donation"

We really need to respect and salute the man who was sitting there wif the dark shirt . He is only 18 but he is brave enough to donate all his tissue and Organs when he passed away in future. Anyway, the one named Tak there really block the photo view only XP

He is someone very very important in the chapter

group photo and i was the only one that still have R C t Shirt >.<

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