Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another time again

haha , another time again , i noticed that the someone that i feel very cute will have bf soon or by now and i think the curse on me is quite true already (only some of my friends noe that). Harshly speaking i think i have the right to feel sad althogh this is not the 1st time happened to me coz all friends know my zero record of having gf ( such a failure ) . Anyway , today swinburne carnival really not much people and i was stupid enough not to take pictures after i received two impaction which are i also lazy to mention coz i mentioned already in the opening and the another one is the UWR project thing .Speechless


mEi said...

The main reason is I found out there is a very different perspective and point of view we have last time and till now I still think it is still the same. Don't u think so?


Yup , whatever u said is right


if Everytime need to find the same perspective and point of view one then i think the only solution is Slow Slow wait