Monday, November 3, 2008

Regarding the songs in the 夏雨诗 ep

I never really listen to the XIn Guang Yi bang songs except Yang Chong Wei and also Yoga songs. Somehow , recently the XIn Guang Shi Sao except Yoga will come out with their Ep and i just realise Peter Pan voice really touching and this Ep really worth to listen to. I rearrange the sequence of the four songs . Firstly, the 心里的狮子 is a song about a person who need to face a lots of Chanllenges and also obstacles to reach his or her destination and this is just like all of our life ".....有陪伴的人不害怕 不害怕的人最潇洒.... " really meaningful coz for sure the person that got another person to accompany him or her wont be really scare of challenges just like a guy or a gal need his or her life partner. Secondly , 夏雨诗 is a song about a guy that broke off wif his gf and then started to miss the gal back . ".......没有了妳叮咛的日子 耳朵总感觉怅然若失 生活上来了又去得了又失是妳给我扶持 不断寻觅错过了几次从来不知爱近在咫尺 回头发现熬过这些日子总有妳的影子........ " is the way he expressed his feeling and he found out that after the gal is gone he started to miss the everything of the gal did for him. Thirdly , 我和妳从未分手 is the song about the guy who expressed his feeling of thinking back the gal and he really hope he never broke off with the gal .This lyrics".......我和妳从未分手 妳住在我心中 谁也不能把妳赶走 一颗心只有一份永久 给了谁就无法回收........" really touching people because i do believe that if a person really love someone for sure his or her heart just like giving to another his or her another one already and it is very hard to take it back .Lastly , 老夫老妻 is the song for the old couple and the song really romantic if u really notice the songs lyrics"...... 时间的手 牵著我们往哪走 走到哪里都有妳陪我 ....." and i believe this is the life everyone hope for next time . For the lump sum , these songs just like a life circle if u really notice it . Afterall the most touching lyrics for me is " ...一颗心只有一份永久 给了谁就无法回收..."

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