Sunday, November 2, 2008

ProblemS ?

I dont noe should i consider this as a serious problem but definitely for me it is a problem and i dont think my problem wont be a problem to anyone who is single or never has gf before now and before(i guess those who read it carefully should noe what is the problem already). All my friends reaction when i mentioned this problem is " dont think too much " or " are u too desperate to have gf ? " . Harshly speaking if i dont think much now i scare next time i dont have any chance to think anymore and the second question comment will be i dont want to end up alone next time (but it seems i also cant do much liao after ended up dissappointed for many time by not even have a chance to start anything ) because i never believe what u all theory which is " try to worry next time lal and also go gf when you are working lal". I definitely think this only work in 20 years ago and it wont work for now and also future . I dont think all teenagers now will be brave enough to really take this action by not really in relationship with someone they like now,despite, they hope that when they started to step into the work field they will found someone they really love or someone that really love them ( i noe this sill can be happened but the probabilty for this to happen is quite low lol in this era). From what i analysis , nowadays the average age for a teenagers to be in relationship for the very 1st time is 16 years old. If they are lucky enough for sure they will continue the relationship until happily ever after (i believe the probabilty for this to happen is higher than the previous probability). Then if every couple also ended happily ever affer like that then how about those still dont have gf and also "plan to have gf when they working wow" for sure those who follow that principle will get nothing lol and then how lel ?( maybe this is an open ended question but i still believe my analysis still will hit some correct points )

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