Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Solution ?

"She said she maybe know that . i think this is basically the end of the story because i dont think she will really care for what i feel now " this is what in my mind now and i should say actually one year ago i should .............. but i am st**** enough to still lay a hope on her. They said when doing anything , a person should have determination on it and what i feel now is i think i really tried my best to keep her happy although she rejected me. However, with what she did in the pass one year i realise that i am too extra for her .All of my friends said i should wake up by now and after thinking for so long i think i have came out with a solution to pacify myself that is i will keep my role to keep her feel happy until the day someone will continue my role and i hope by that time i will be given a notification to stop my hope on her.

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