Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love is a Di****** ?

Recently there are two of my friends one of them is a gal which i think i better dont mention her name coz i dont want to die before i really have the love feeling with any gal. Last time when i asked her anything by this starting "L**** , can u borrow me the tute for the subject........" she will say k no matter she complete it or not but dont noe y since a guy is hardly tackling her since the beginning of this sem and we all already feel that the guy is her bf already but she still dont want to admit it till now . However my main concern is now her reaction when i wanted to borrow anything and now this is her reaction " i cant borrow u coz i not yet complete" and just forget about it . Actually what in my mind is i just wanted to take a look on what u have done only since i saw u did more than me and i dont mind is complete or not but u seems not really willing to borrow the tute to me like last time (sigh) . Another guy which is one of the groupmate for many assignment also started to change and they told me is he is trying to court one of our friend wow . Honestly speaking i also quite confuse should i believe that or not and what i can confirm is he really changed. The way he speak to me really different from last time and the way he handling his assignment also weird and from what i see and heard he seems to be put more effort on the assignment he is doing now with the gal that he wanted to court . Harshly speaking there is no one wanted to back stab him for what he have done (on the effort for courting gal) but atlease he should not left too many thing for the assignments that i need to cover for him especially in last minute and yet he still treat me like that like i m the one talked back of him (Sigh again). For conclusion, i believe love is a beautiful thing but how come the two cases seems to be Love is a Di****** ?

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