Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beginning ?

H@ha , Is this a new beginning ? , as usual i am the only one that will feel really boring during holidays . However, this semester break i have the intention to work as the part timer for anything but it seems kinda hard to find a part time job due to the reason my holidays will last for only about one and a half month. Maybe i should give a try at the optical centre named "New Capital optical centre" since it was promised by the owner of the shop last week when i went there to make a new spec.


levian said...

cool start !! no harm having a new hobby, right ?? ;)

by the way, do let me know when you have your blog-linking section up, so that we could exchange links !! :)

aDe|inE said...

not bad...its easy for us to read ur mind and to understand u more with 品冠‘s songs...

keep update ya..