Sunday, June 22, 2008


"我以为" in chinese can be means " i thought " or " i suppose" in english . In my opinion , "我以为" is the three chinese words that widely used by all human beings around the world but from my experince ,"我以为" is one of the three chinese words that bring sad and also hopeless feeling and also news to everyone because it sounds quite impossible (although this may happened) for anyone to tell u something good wif the starting "我以为" and then end with the good news. Normally it will started with "我以为" and then end with bad or sad news. "我以为" and also "我曾经" are two groups of the chinese words that normally used as starting of the bad or sad news . For instance, about the song 《我以为》 , it is a song about a good guy who really love a girl that already have someone she love but the someone she love already hurt her badly and the someone also wanted to break off with the gal . The good guy tried hard to give hope , love and also care to the girl but it seems that the girl never really recover from the "hurt" and it seems the gal already make the decision to stay at the side of the someone that hurted her badly. The song for me is ended without a very good ending because the good guy only ended with sadness and also hopeless because it ends with "
我以为 我够坚强, 却输得那么绝望, 少给我一点希望, 希望就不是奢望" . In short , i hope this only happened in the song and i also hope those that already being hurted by someone he or she loved will be cured one day as "time is the best cure " and also he or she should appreciate someone that really love him or her like the good guy in the song named 《我以为》by 品冠 : )

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I suppose i am the first to drop some words here?!
Hmmm..i love the kitten with word 川 on cute..haha...
Tommorrow i will be leaving and i hope all the best for both of us in the future n don forget to stay happy n smile always...
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