Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Small Farewell dinner for Miss Sashi

Haha , at last the small farewell dinner for Miss Sashi is being held. Harshly speaking , we already planned it for about a week ago and Wee Chung, Alfred and me really found it hard to really set the time and also venue for our course mates for the class of Engineering Maths 3C to attend it. Some of them always complaining about the budget for it which made a big headache for everyone of us. Anyway , since it is already being held, then , i shouldn't write much for the progress that made few of us .................... The venue for the small farewell dinner is at Sarawak Plaza , Hartz Chicken and only about 9 of us attended the small farewell dinner(dont noe where are the rest?) and when Miss Sashi first asked me during the time me and Clarence(thank to Clarence for his transportation) went to fetch her at the Gardenia court , i answered her the amount of people that will attend are about 15 of us . I feel so sorry to inform her the wrong info (haha). However , the interesting part is i just realise Miss Sashi is quite great in friendly chatting . From her , we just realise Miss Betsy is a vegetarian . In addition , i just realise that i was "too serious" and my smile during their class(Engineering Maths 2) during semester 2 last year is so "Special" . She said Miss Betsy said she never really saw me smile and Sashi said she only saw me smiled once during the semester 2 . She said she was quite shocked when she saw me smiling and also talking jokes at the Engineering Maths 3c classes. In my opinion , this is a big changes for me in my life due to an incident that happened last year and if it is not because of her (someone that i shouldn't reveal her name but really thankz to her) ,i dont think i will be smiling so much during this sem although she rejected me last year. Anyway , i think i have learnt a lot from this progress of assisting for the holding of the small farewell dinner because i just realise i changed quite a lot in my attitude especially for the smiling part and also talking jokes . Anyway , let all of Miss Sashi students wish Miss Sashi a very bright career path and also future in her new university. In short, thankz to Wee Chung and Alfred for managed this small farewell dinner , and also Clarence (for fetching me and Miss Sashi) and also others that attented the small farewell dinner. I hope all of u enjoyed the small farewell dinner since we shared a lot of jokes , haha : )

Below are the two pictures of the small farewell dinner

Without : ) (for me )

with smile : )

From left (Behind) - Wee Chung , Vyner , me , Clarence, Alfred and Justin
From left(sitting) - Oscar, Miss Sashi , Jonathan and Gilbert

(Haiz ,cant really believe my pictures are so huge until the need to resize it to fit ir in and cause it to be unclear and if u all wanted to view the clearer version, please view it at my friendster profile )

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levian said...

the dinner sounds fun !! i wasn't taught by her before. but from what i heard, she is indeed a friendly person. :)