Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving rubber (improved version) ?

Today , i went to PC image to request for the part time job and my brother friend who worked there since few years ago seems to be friendly to me but when i asked a job application form from one of the counter girl there , she seems to be moody and also not really happy and i feel that this maybe due to the working pressure and also work loads there . I saw some students seems to be have a lots of works to do but few students from Swinburne that are working at their branch (Notebook station) seems to be enjoying themselves very much by playing games and watching movie. What a weird working environment? after i took the form i just went back without filling it . On the way home , i went to Guardian to take a look at some GATSBY products. Last week , i realise the existance of a new GATSBY product named Technical Design Clay which cost about RM19 for only 50 g only

Strongest clay for finishing. Best result for using on creating hair bundles, and spiky style. Best also for final touch up (with the combination with moving rubber).

However, i only bought a new improved type which i am using it for a year already and it costs me about RM20 (the yellow label there stated improved version , Oiz , GATSBY dont cheat me wow , haha : )

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