Monday, June 30, 2008

my sPeCTacl3s

Hmm , i think everything that made me moody should come to end already . Haha : ) About two weeks ago i bought myself a new spectacles and when i wore to Uni , all of my friends have different reaction . Clarence said my spectacles frame is too normal and old fashioned . Haha , actually that what i wanted because for me "simple is the best" and also "简单是幸福". In the meanwhile , Charlie said my hair is still too short (Charlie , u 1st day noe me izit , u noe my hair grow very slow one lel )and not really suit that spec. Anyway , thank for their comments. Below are my spectacles pictures .Anyway , guys and gals , please refer to my profile picture , if u all feel that me looked too nerd with that spectacles , must tell me
wow haha : )

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