Tuesday, July 1, 2008

十分笑容 sourire pour moi (Smile for Me, in French)

Recently , i managed to find the old drama named "十分笑容" . The 13-episode drama series stars the face of Sony Cybershot composer-singer-actor Rynn Lim Yee Chung as the male lead. The leading ladies are played by Josephine Goh Lee Chen (Jojo) and Crystal Wong Lynn Pei. Other members of the cast include familiar faces from reality TV shows such as Zax Lee, Wayne Chang, Christy Tan, Jyin Poh, Derek Chong, Yap Kang Heng, Frankie Yu, Kit Teh, Vincent Tan and Jenny Goh. Rynn played as a singer and songs producer that lost his ideas and inspiration to write and also compose songs and he went for holidays at the the idyllic island of Langkawi to free his mind. While , Jojo played as popular singer Jojo (Rynn’s ex-girlfriend) in her first leading role and who also came to the idyllic island of Langkawi for vacation in the same time . Both of them seems to be sad and moody in the 1st few episodes of the drama due to some incident that happened betweeen two of them last time . The story continued with the existance of Crystal wong who played as Crystal , a bubbly girl who, unknown to everyone around her, suffers from remissive bone cancer. Crystal( for me , Crystal is so cute due to her face is really round and her way of speakings is so cute ) is so optimistic and bring laugh and also smiles to everyone in the story . The story end when Crystal passed away due to her brain cancer. Before she passed away, Rynn received a call from Jojo, Rynn was in hurry to come to see her for the very last time and Rynn met an car accident. On the day Crystal passed away, Rynn also fainted due to the accident. When Rynn wake up the next day, he lost all his memories ( which i think this maybe a good things for him ). In the very end of the story, everyone has their own life partner and Jojo and Rynn became couple again. In my point of view, i feel that Rynn should be relieve because he lost all his memories including those sad and happy memories and with that he can start a new life from beginning with Jojo. Last time i feel that having good memories is not a good things for all of us because people tend to think about the sad memories but a friend of mine said she never think in that way but she said because she always think of good memories only (which i feel she is right and cheerful). However , i dont think i am the one that can think that way so maybe i really need to learn to lost my sad memories and in order for me to start a new life haha : )

Below is the picture of the drama (anyone who watched or feel wanted to watch this drama, must share wif me wow : )

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