Thursday, July 24, 2008

regarding the song《至少爱过》

In my opinion, this song is nice and the song is about a guy that lost his girl friend due to unknown reason . However, the lyrics that caught my attention is " 只是有时候 夜深的时候
梦痛到醒来偏偏它没有尽头 " which means in the very late at night time , we can feel sad and pains for dreams until we wake up but the dreams and sadness never end . So far in my life, i myself ever experinced it for four important events. The 1st one is when i was too pressured during SPM and i can dream of that till now. The 2nd event is when the exam unit did some mistakes for my result last year and i cant sleep well for four days. The 3rd event was when the cute girl rejected me for a hooligan two years ago (what a world but still acceptable due to that hooligan not bad in looking ) .The fourth event was when someone i thought can be the one for me rejected me and said i will not be the one for her now and also in the FUTURE. This four events really caused me " 只是有时候 夜深的时候 梦痛到醒来偏偏它没有尽头 " and i know it cant be ended easily

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