Tuesday, July 8, 2008

regarding the song 《 Waiting for you 》(LPCD version)

hmm , this song has became my favourite song since 4 years ago and all those friends that really know me sure will know i like this song very much . I have collected about three different versions of this song which are the old version , concert version , and also the LPCD version. In addition, i also have three different versions of midi tones for this song. I believe those who ever watched the mv of this song will know what happened to the hero and heroin in this song. The heroin of this song was coma and the hero take care and waited for her for very long time. In the end of the mv , the hero decided to marry with the heroin in other dimensions. After he put on the ring for the heroin. He decided to commit suicide. However, we cant deny that there is a fate that two of them wont be together because when the guy wanted to jump off from the building , the heroin suddenly waked up. However, she never succeed to stop the guy from commit suicide. I like this song very much because the lyrics are touching. My friends who know i like this song ever asked me a great question that is who am i waiting for but i only replied them by saying that the song is nice. Recently , a girl suggested me to keep suspense by telling my friends that is the secret. However , for now i think i have the answer for all of my friends already that is " I ALSO DONT KNOW WHO AM I WAITING FOR ". In my opinion, all the events and happenings that happened all around us are destinied by fate and we cant really stop it from happening but we only can learn from it and also appreciate everyone especially those we care and love : )

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