Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Songs, u are still my best companions

Haha , the result almost out and i feel kinda worry for my topographical engineering subject and for this few days i really live like a kid that almost near judgement time. I did many things that i wished to do all time , i bought my self a new sweater , new shoes and even new phone for the new semester. I changed many things to represent new hope for me and i even cut my hair into a new style( thankz to Iris) that i never cut like that before. However , i also feel i need some friends to chat now and also in future due to last time i really wasted all my time to be alone and now it seems everyone is not free to chat with me and some even didnt wanted to reply my msn msg ( what a world, when some of u feel sad i will use all the stupid ways to entertain u but now no one wanted to turn out especially the some1 that i really hope she happy all time but she seems to be ..........., haha , that is the consequence of doing something voluntarily especially for some1 that i really care ). Anyway, for sure in the world, songs are the only friends that will always with me although i can only listen to them and they cant really response to me. However, i feel really happy because songs you are still my best companions all time since the incident happened to me two years ago. Hey friends , please dont feel i m idiot or lunatic to treat songs as my best companions because i feel really lonely and i really dont want to bother u guys and gals because for me u guys and gals lives are more important : )

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