Wednesday, July 2, 2008

W@t3rfroNt L0n3ly stRoLL

This morning at about 8 am I managed to come for a stroll at waterfront. It has been two years passed since my last alone stroll at there. I felt quite relax when I walked along there due to this morning is so windy. I managed to take a photo of the almost complete construction DUN. And below is the photo of it .

In addition I also took myself a photo at there since my hair is so messy.

(Is my hair long ? my friends said it is not long but my father always complaint too long : )

I was quite surprised that I saw three cats at one of the office there and I saw the parent cat touched his or her baby cat head with care and the action is so cute although the cats colours are not so attractive for me. I managed to take a photo of them .

I strolled around there for almost an hour and for me it is a relaxing and yet enjoyable walk there.


levian said...

why were u at the waterfront in the early morning ?? were you alone when you took the stroll ??


haha , just a walk . Off course i m alone coz the title mentioned it , haha

levian said...

oh yeah, the title .. hehe my bad for didn't pay attention to it. it's a little hard to notice. :P but why were you there alone ?? heading somewhere after that ??


haha , is ok . Yup coz so long didnt walk alone there already . Heading home haha :P