Monday, July 14, 2008

AnoTHeR d@y

Today i went to few places with my bro and before i started the journey i took a photo to show that xenon flash can snap something we hardly see with our naked eyes (Hmm , what do u guys and gals think of , not ghost lal is my hair colour ) haha =P

We stopped at the AmaZing Pets there due to my bro wanted to buy something for his hamsters. While i was looking at the cats there , a dog suddenly yap me. I just realise got a dog at some distance behind my back . The dog is so playful and cute and i managed to snap few photoes for his or her.

The dog shaked it tails for many time and one cute action of the dog that i feel interesting the most is the dog showed me his or her tongue for few times (so i also showed my tongue back to the dog , haha so funny for sure the shop workers thought i m stupid ). He or she seems like a playful child.

(hmm, i still wondering is that a Shih Tzu ? and if u guys and gals got chance to zoom the real pic for sure u will feel it is cute coz it showed its tongue )

After that we went to Kenyalang for a while to buy the cover for my phone and after that to Hock Lee Centre. We went to the shop named Character at Hock Lee and i bought another sweater for my new sem . Another holes in my pocket again, haha : )

(Quite big size but it is only M for American size)


levian said...

cool sweater !! i love the feel of it. now that's a little difference from your usually 1-colored sweater. ;)


THankz =P