Friday, July 18, 2008

EndinG and aLsO anoTh3r BEginning

At last , i walked to the ending and i feel that my ending still can be accepted by me ( just the subject named topo more disappointing ) however, atlease everything passed. Today i went to airport with my bro just for fun after the steamboat dinner. IN my opinion, Airport is a place full of joy and also sad .We may see the one we really love just leave but we cant say anything (sigh). Maybe u guys and gals will think i m such a negative thinking kid but for me whenever a friend or relative came back from anywhere i will feel their changes and for me their leaving means ending and also another beginning of the other person. Today is the very last day of year 2 semester 1 for me and tomorrow will be the beginning of the year 2 semester 2. I hope everthing will be going smoothly wif many new things which represent new hopes for me =P

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