Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ag@iN XP

Yesterday i really angry of the optician who did crap for my specs .From their main shop, the girl asked me to go to another branch and the worker at the branch really bad. They made my specs until not balance and they told me to come again today who know this is their "masterpiece " i got today. The two upper edges where the skrued the lens are not balance one = ( zoom it u guys and gals will know it

see the left

see the right

Those worker really unprofessional because they can use the human limit and the reason that i rushed them (which i never rushed them) as their reason to cause the specs not balance. The interesting part is they said can finish within two hours who know they even furious , they finished it within an hour , sigh X ( Luckily , at their main shop , the old worker that i know promised me to change for me again : )

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