Tuesday, July 8, 2008

regarding the song 《我还是妳的》

I never really like this song when it was released but after i read the entertainment news saying that Leo cried alone after the mv and he feel that the lyrics are too touched so i decided to take a look on it . I never feel anything until i really read and feel the lyrics and in my opinion , the song lyrics really touched . It is about a guy who have a girl friend that so rude and behave like a millionaire daughter . The girl friend can easily get mad and cry. Luckily the guy is so good and never really angry of her but still appreciate her very well and the story ending is quite blur because the guy only wanted the girl to come back and treating nothing bad happened . Anyway, i feel that Leo shouldn't really cry much for this song until the news need report it (maybe is their entertainment business tactics ) . Anyway, if he really need to cry for that touched song then i really deserved to die of sadness liao : P

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