Saturday, July 19, 2008

Regarding the song 《远远》

Hmm , this is the very 1st song that i wrote comments for the new semester. In my opinion , the song title which is "far" represents "distance". The song is about a guy who choosed to give up a girl who he ever loved. The beginning lyrics of the song is " 或许我不再出现 爱才值得妳怀念 " which means by the time i already disappeared , you just wanted to think back our love. Harshly speaking for this song, i cant really know who should be blamed in that relatioship problem. Last time a friend ever told me that no one is wrong in a relationship problem just two of them not really suit each other ( which till now i still suspecting him because can we treat no one shpould be blamed if the guy or the girl really let the other one down ? ). The song end with " 已不见 妳幸福 爱我的脸 , 在远远 妳幸福 我会看见" which i like the most because the guy cant see the happiness faces of the girl but from far he believes he can see the girl is in happiness =P

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