Saturday, July 26, 2008

Regarding the song《泪妆》

haha , at last Nan Qian Ma Ma came out with few more new songs and i like this song the most . The song is a story about a guy who really love a girl but he can only accompany the girl as the girl best friend only because the gal has boy friend already. I think most of the guys and girls ever experienced this and it just the matter of the degree of the feeling only and some guys or girls may feel extremely sad for this. The lyrics that caught my attention the most are " 泪融化了妆 是他给的伤 我却只能在一旁 很无助的看 好朋友模样 用来隐藏 对妳的情感 连大声爱我都不敢想 " which means when the girl is sad for her boy friend ,the another guy that love her couldn't say anything or do anything and the another guy can only maintain as the status of her best friend to hide his real feeling to the girl . In addition , another lyrics that caught my -attention are " 他一句抱歉妳就原谅 在电话里笑得很灿烂 妳连声谢谢也没有对我讲 转身就忘 " and it means when the boy friend said sorry to the girl the girl is so happy and forgive the boy friend that hurted her and the girl didnt even say thanks and appreciate the another guy who always accompanied her , furthermore , the girl straightly forgot the guy that so nice to her. Haha , i think i have more experience on this but this is what they called fate XP

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