Monday, July 7, 2008

Regarding the song《干物女》

干物女 means a gal that always stays at home and seldom come out. This term is originated from Japan. This song is about a good guy who is care and good to a girl that being hurted badly due to her relatioship problem with her ex boffriend. From the lyrics of the song, the girl ex boyfriend always cheats and hurts her. However, the gal is lucky enough to have another good guy that really care for her. The good guy tried every attempt to make her happy and even wanted to kidnap her to shopping " 我来为妳拆墙 绑架妳去闲逛 " In my opinion, the good guy really sacrified a lots for the girl because he never know what will happened to the girl because the ex boyfriend maybe suddenly appeared and with the girl again . In short , the guy did all the things voluntarily and this can be seems with the song ending " ........ 蹈火赴汤 换妳瞬间开朗用妳的漂亮 用妳的光芒 换我瞬间开朗 "

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