Saturday, August 2, 2008

2 DaYS before the NEw Semester started

HAHA , what a stupid day for me . THis morning , me and my bro went to the Tourism information centre to take something and the funny part is when my bro stopped the car at somewhere near there and i walked for some distance to go to take a look at it but i ended up to know that the centre will be closed for saturday and sunday by the notice board. I was so stupid to walk back to find my bro but i didnt find his car and i waited for sometime and then i saw he was walking towards the waterfront so i followed his back but too bad i walked too slow due to the weather is too hot and i failed to see where my bro heading . I walked back from the Waterfront to the starting point and i ended up eat at a coffee shop near Dr Kwok clinic.( Luckily, i didnt walked to the end of the Waterfront >.<) My bro walked back to there to have lunch and my tricky bro cheated me again he said he parked his car at somewhere back of the museum and i really walked to the back of the museum but i didnt see any car . At the end , the car is parked at carpark beside the museum (It seems "back" and "beside" are not much different for my bro XP ) After that , me and him went to the PC fair and i spent about an hour at there to buy few things such as CD-R , memory card for my MP4 and also a headset . I bought the 2 gb memory card for only RM27 which about few weeks ago when i went to PC image it costs RM 44 . In addition, i bought an E-view headset. I was so unlucky again due to when my bro drove near to the Everise at Padungan there i just found out the sponge at my headset got some problem . SO , I walked back to the PC fair again to change . The salesman willing to change for me but due to the sponge is easily tear off he gave me some double tape as preparation ( What a world but thank to him also coz the quality of the headset really not bad although the sponge got some problem ). Afterall, the memory card enable me to save movies at my mp4 ,however , i only can watch it in a small screen due to my mp4 screen is not that huge . Next time i should not be that lonely and boring at uni ,hehe =) At nite time , i went to Kuching Fest with my bro and tis time i felt quite weird due to i didnt see much people from SUTS but i only bumped into Wei Tak . However , there are many people that i ever saw them at some shopping complex but i didnt even noe them but how come can see them at there maybe is fate X ) Nowadays , those gals from outsides really cool coz they really noe how to makeup until like barbies which really need to respect them. I walked to garden again lonely like those years before and it made me think of i was being " put aeroplane " by a gal last year due to she said me and her no " yuan " . There was so crowded , I was knocked by a balloon of a little cute gal for many times but i cant blame her coz she is still too young and this is what my hair become after being "bang" by the cute gal's balloon.

( Looked more STUPID already T.T )

(I like this human made waterfall due to it is so refreshing)

At last , me and my bro need to go back more earlier due to tis month is july for lunar month (chinese month)

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