Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ALmost ...............

The first day of the uni relocation was kinda boring and that day i suppose that i greeted Jo Ann but her sister was too busy so i didnt dare to greet her at the new library. The new library is quite wide and i managed to find few places to sleep for replacing my old place of sleeping at the 7 floor library there. However the tables there are too short and quite hard for me to sleep at there but afterall is better than nothing and i think is time for me to start the boring life again with homeworks XP

not really mess up yet =)

That day Clarence informed me something and i suppose to feel dissapointed for it but afterall i didnt feel anything and starting from that time i just realise i have been lost for many years already and the main activity that caused me didnt realise i m lost is studies but i cant hate studies for lying me for so long because if studies didnt lie me from realising i was lost i think i cant live that blindly for so long . Anyway, thank to studies XP

The second day after uni relocation was spoilt by a lecturer and honestly speaking i dont really understand what the heck is he talking about due to his " inglish" but i found out many people are like me so atlease i feel normal just i feel totally speechless for this subject .

The third day after uni relocation that is today is the 1st time i steped into the MPH (not the MPH bookstore) Multi Purpose Hall . Afterall , i am stupid enough to join the grand opening program . haha >.<

( one side only i will take another side soon XP)

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