Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Regarding the song《死结》

Recently Nick Lee came out with a new album and i like this song the most among the other songs and the song named 《死结》= Dead knot. It is a simple yet nice song from a korean guy that know mandarin well. The song is about a guy who miss a girl until the extend that the girl seems to be tie a dead knot in his heart but at the end he can only treat the girl as a memory . Among the lyrics in the song i most likely like the " 妳说再见 宣判了终点 " which means when the girl said good bye , the girl already judge the ending between her and the guy. This lyrics may sounds cruel but this is the reality of life for those being rejected or break off in the relationship. In other words, "good bye" sometime can also become cruel words in life >.<

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