Sunday, August 24, 2008

Regarding the song < When You Look Me In The Eyes > - Jonas Brothers

Recently when i read a friend's blog i accidentally listened to a song at his blog and the song named When You Look Me In The Eyes by Jonas Brothers. The song has the romantic lyrics but with the sad music background that amazed me a lots . Afterall, the lyrics that caught my attention the most is " When I hold you in my arms I know that it's forever " (how romantic is that for couples only ) . However for those MR. A that failed to be with Miss B and found out Miss B already have MR.C i think the lyrics will become " When i saw you in his arms I know that is forever " . Truely spoken, sometime it is reasonable and acceptable for those guy to give up on a girl due to the girl already being courted by someone or choosed someone because for sure the unlucky guy also cant do anything much to fight the fate . In short , the song is damn nice but only for those guys that found the beloved one but for those that still single and also has no one to love they will feel the song is nice due to the music (Am i pointing the arrows to myself , sigh ) .

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