Saturday, August 16, 2008

FutuRe - EnvIroNm3nt - LoVe

Last nite, i watched the movie named Wall-E and for me it really worth to watch for. It is about a story of a robot named Wall-E which means Waste Allocation Load Lifter -Earth class . He was programmed to clean the world . However , after 700 years , he started to develop a personality . The story became more interesting when he met EVE -Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator (or EVA for WALL-E) . At the end , He succeed to overcome many obstacles to be with EVE and can be considered as happily ever after type story = ) . In my opinion , there will be three main themes about this movie . Firstly , Future , in this movie the future seems to be evolved too much until every single things human beings need to rely on robots and by that time every human begins already forgot how earth looked like after leaving for many years and some of the babies even borned at outer space. For sure those studying Electrical and Robotics and Mechatronics will feel interested with all the robots and Droids inside the movie. Secondly , the movie is about environment. The main reason human beings need to leave the earth in the movie was due to the reason earth was full of rubbish and human beings cant live inside the earth already and the only way is to programme Wall-E to clean up the earth but in the story the cleaning progress was fail and human beings cant return to earth and need to let earth become isolated planet . This movie taught us to be more responsible for environment . Lastly , which is about LOve . This theme really amazed me a lot due to even robot can develop feeling of love and friendship towards other living and non living . Wall-E know that he need love from the other part and he willing to sacrifice anything to help EVE to complete the mission of finding the plant ( which is the main key and reason for human beings to return to earth ). In the end of the story , EVE accepted WALL-E and the story ended happily with human beings can return to the earth. " Earth is the place where everything began and should be the place where everything ended "

How lonely he was in the beginning of the story

The Plant for EVE

WALL-E tried every single way to bring EVE back

In the end , WALL-E live happily ever after with EVE . The way both of them communicate really cute XP


levian said...

you're indeed technical when it comes to analyze the animation. :)

the way disney makes robots developed human-like feelings are nothing less than Magical. the tears i shed, when wall.e lost his memories, said it all. ;)


haha , no worry lla at last he still remember after that put their hand together

levian said...

luckily he does !! else i'm gonna thrash him into his own tummy !! *threatens*