Thursday, August 7, 2008

Regarding the song 《改嫁》

I like this song the most among other songs in this album . The song is a about traditional chinese story. It took more than a month to really feel and write opinion on this song however, till now ,i still quite confuse about whether the song is for guy or girl but i do believe it is just our point of view and opinion . It is the song about a girl or a guy that never get married with the one he or she beloved . In contrast , the girl or the guy need to marry to someone that they never really know . The song ended with the lyrics which i feel touched the most " 让爱随火灭掉 爱过了门 就灭掉 " which means the feeling of love towards someone should be gone forever if the someone already get married with the other one . What a sad story = (

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