Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WOw, interesting and mad day

Today at uni i saw and greeted many friends and i greeted Lee Fang ( luckily she can still recognise me ), besides that i also greeted my old classmates named Yee LIng , she took about an minute to recognise me back . The interesting part was i talked for quite long with my net friend this morning and she came from BIntulu to study degree in civil engineering at my uni. In addition, i also saw Paul and Issac at my uni. hehe , old friends. When i came home in tired feeling suddenly something mad me badly . My paternal aunt which is also my bro class teacher called my bro and asked him a weird question. I just hear my bro answered " no , i didnt push him " for many times . So i was quite curious and my bro almost cried for what my aunt asked many times ( totally crazy she just like questioning my bro as criminal ). So i asked my bro what happened , he told me that my aunt said got a student accused my bro cause him fall down and then made the " fellow student" to scratch my aunt car wif "STONE" and i was damn angry for that coz my bro didnt even dare to touch his friend. My mom answered the phone and then my mom also answered like that and my mom was quite angry already for that. SO i took off the phone and talked wif my aunt in "angry mode" She said "i just wanted to confirm that whether your bro got push that kids or not and then caused that kid to scratch my car" and i asked her back a question in quite loud "Auntie ,how long is your scratch and if it is cause by that kids falling down after being pushed by my bro and then scratched your car, will it be that long scratch , u didnt understand that the simply thing like that " she replied saying me talked too loud . Comeon auntie !!! somebody simply accused my bro lel and u said since we are relative u called my family for confirmation and then i told her that is that the right time for my bro to be questioned due to tomorrow he still got exam for primary six. At the end, she said the kid that accused my bro already admit he is the one who did it on his own and my bro didnt push him . I was quite mad due to since my aunt confirmed already what for she calling my family again ,(kinda too harsh) . My Mom told me that my aunt didnt say the kid already admited it when my mom talked wif her it was when i talked wif my aunt wif that simple logical thinking theory "which is fall down due to being pushed by people can cause a people to scratch a car and yet the scratch line is that long , how can the kid falled down like that , u action for me lal , i pay for your paint whole car i also dont mind " . ANd the my aunt still wanted my mom to secret it from my father due to they noe my father r more bad tempered than me but i didnt care already i just tell my father and my father said if like that then he will go to school tomorrow to settle it . At the end , we noe that the kid mother already wanted to pay back my aunt but i still feel my aunt really too over due she still need confirmation in this time after that kid admited to commit the crime that means she didnt trust my bro and my family at all. HOwever , i feel that kid r too stupid and yet useless atlease find more reasonable reasons to accuse my bro lal and i just realise after i won the incident about my result at 1st year in degree due to the uni mistake i feel myself really dont like the feeling of being accused by other people . This is bcoz my principle is if u didnt do anything wrong then u cant be accused to be wrong ? and i feel my aunt also need to feel guilty due to she can teach until got student scratched her car with stone (if u didnt help yourself then u yourself also no use being as teacher and for me , teacher is a important character in real life ) wat a mad day XP

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