Friday, August 29, 2008


Recently, many things happened but i do feel it the another time for me to busy for my subjects again . Sigh

( This the path that connected A and B buildings to E building and i think next time when the E building is fully developed maybe is kinda hard for me to find any reason to use this path again and i hope this wouldnt happened )

( M i that bad looking ? until my friend said person looked like me hard to court gal and cant launch sudden attack and even use long run attackt toward gal also hard to success . Anyway, i think he is right but need to respect to him due to he did much thing for a gal that left him without any specific reason and now he seems once again launch long run attack for the particular gal again and it seems that he once again spend and do many unnecessary things which he feel "worth for it " what a world ?.................. )

( Quite envy to the trees around my uni because they have support to grow like a small children but it seems they are quite high already right ? )

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