Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Int3r3StiNG F@cts

Today, i went to uni for the what very short meeting and i was late due to i didnt check the blackboard and i also didnt receive any calls from them ,luckily ,i managed to attend the meeting at the end XP .Alfred took the MYC magazine for me and i found some interesting facts inside for this month version . Roughly about 10 years ago , my bro told me a set of maths numbers which can be used to calculate which day in a week just by telling the date of the year . Unfortunately , i forgot to note it down XP . Anyway , this two pictures which i scanned are really interesting for me =)

Nice facts for brain position XP

Nice maths tricks to cheat the small children >.<


levian said...

can you enable the clicking on the pictures, to show the larger versions ?? i can't read those tiny words on the 2 pages you scanned. :)


but how to enable , u must tell me

levian said...

did you upload your pictures by directly using blogger's "add image" function ?? if you did, then there isn't much to do.

if you want to show the picture in its largest size (according to your blog's theme), choose "Large" on the "image size". it will fill your picture in full length horizontally.

by using their default "add image" function, the pictures can be clicked n it leads to another page, where it shows the original size of the picture. ;)