Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 days

Yesterday and today i feel kinda lazy to write new posts. Anyway, there are few interesting events happened. One of it is my bro bought two rabbits after we went to uni to pay our fee and in the meanwhile , i saw the 5 cute Fuwa in real life already at kenyalang and it cost about RM 39 each which if buy in a set of my it cost RM 30 for each of it which means RM 150 can collect the whole set . That all events happened yesterday. Today , we also go to few places and we went to animal kingdom again to see some stuff and i saw a cute and yet naughty cat. Anyway , the highlight of the yesterday is , there is a car accident happened to my mom at her workplace but luckily her car just being scratched for the bumper while the door part of the gal car was badly injured and the woman at 1st which is yesterday said dont mind and who know today she suddenly appear and request for the repair fee ( wat a weird woman) .The weird part is in the logic world we know who should be blamed for the accident but the law that set by all the human beings around will needed to be considered . In order to follow the law and also to against the logic , my mother decided to compensate the woman for the woman silly mistake ( which herself also admit it since her " daily routine " or habbit is driving very fast which was known by most of the people there ) In order to prevent the woman from doing something " extra " we decided to type a letter for her . The content of the letter is about my mother will only pay the amount requsted by her for one time and those extra amount will not be responsibled by my mother . So , we requested her to sign the letter under the witness of the a senior officer when she received the money . However , the weird woman refused to receive the money and also to sign the letter and she even didnt want my mother to pay her the fee ( what a weird world ) due to she said this action make her seems to be untrusted and embarrassed. In my opinion , the woman really weird coz i dont think that is wrong to sign the letter as we wanted to keep " black and white " for her compensation process which she should be happy due to my mother wailing to pay her repair fee (just due to the law set by human beings about what straight road and the narrow road) although she is the one who caused the accident. Weird woman but since she said didnt want the money and didnt dare to sign the letter then we are totally speechless to her but if she dare to come again then she will be sue X (


( brown rabits but how come her ear become like that ? )

Naughty cat coz the cat will touch your hand that put near the cage

haha , how come my sideburnes cant grow longer in this week ?

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