Friday, August 8, 2008

LaSt D@y ?

T.T feel kinda sad today although today is the opening ceremony for the Olympics. i feel moody due to today i saw many places being renovated already at SUTS . Firstly , the 1st floor libray is being closed down already but i didnt have any chance to take some last photoes of it because it was the place where i spend most my time with when i have no class and also before the 7 floor libray being opened. Secondly , the 7 floor library where i spend most of my time sleep at there , haha XP , luckily, i managed to take a pic where i always sleep and for sure do homeworks lol

( k lal , just kidding only lal ,this is not the place i where i always sleep but this is the place where everyone doing their homeworks in group and need to remain silience because talked too much will cause u being scolded by someone X( )

( This is the place where i used to sleep when i have free time XP )

Afterall , the place which i miss the most is the windows at lobby and that is the best place for me to see all the students and staffs came and go . That is also the place where everything started (many memories at there especially during foundation, anyway, some of the stories too touched i didnt dare to tell ,hehe ) . Starting from next next week , i may go there aswell for classes but i dont think i will go there that often like last time due to most of the classes will be at the new blocks.

( i sat at there whenever i go to uni for almost three years already )

( Next time i think this place will become like this haha >.< )

Ops is time for Olympics ceremony already =)

Lastly , i can feel the " beginning of distance " since the beginning of relocation

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