Saturday, August 16, 2008

3 Rd tim3

Tonight is the third time i went to kch festival this year and i saw a lot of friends there such as Vyner, Lee Fang , etc . It seems quite weird right how come i seems to be like to go there but actually i have my own reason to go there that is i like to see people come and go at there XP. There was an incident happened at there about a year ago , i rushed to go there when i know someone will go there with friends . When i rushed till there i still sms to the someone to ask for the location the someone at and i really need to admit that time i was so stupid to not to call the someone so that i can meet the someone there and the someone said need to depend on fate ( yuan ) to meet there and at last i failed to meet the someone there and before the someone left , the someone called me and said will go home already. Started from the time i started to believe what the someone said but till now i still feel wanted to go there because i really hope that i can proove to the someone that the theory about yuan maybe right but actually sometime we shouldn't too rely on fate to meet because that place is quite wide. HAHa, i know that in this period of four years time the someone is quite impossible to appear at there due to the someone is not at Kuching but i still hope to meet the someone there in future and i really hope i can fullfill what the someone prefer about yuan although i know it is quite hard to meet the someone there and maybe by the time i meet the someone there maybe the someone already with another one there . Really sorry to not to review who is that someone X(

Kitty and MIckey so cute


Anonymous said...

Haha... come here to conquer ur blog.. muahahaha...!!!
nvm bout tat, nvr ask me 4 kch feast


haha XP

pcsolotto said...

Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.